Eat 1 snack bar.
Get all your nutritional support.

Introducing OrganiBetic - a revolutionanry new product for those with diabetes or prediabetes that provides energy and essential nutrients that you may be low in.† Each bar provides a comprehensive combination of key vitamins, minerals, fish oil and alpha lipoic acid. Replace your pills with a snack bar!


Tired of taking all those pills? Now you don't have to.  The OrganiBetic snack bar gives you energy and nutrients with just a few bites.

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Helps control blood sugar levels for increased energy.† Designed for at home and on-the-go lifestyles.


low carb option using high quality, delicious ingredients sourced from farms located in the United States. 


Formulated and developed in California. 100% Manufactured in FDA monitored facilities.

Reduces the number of pills you have to swallow. Replaces your daily diabetes health pack. 1 bar = 7pills.


Reduces risk in taking the wrong pills. Increases safety and convenience when planning out each week.


Pharmacist formulated using individually supported ingredients backed by clinical studies.


It's just easier, really.





Because we know how important quality ingredients are to your diet, we have sourced all of our ingredients from reliable farmers and manufactured our snack bars using cGMP certified facilities.